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how to be tough but also soft? … ambient lounge dog beds & bull terriers are a match made in heaven.

So how do you choose a dog bed for your Bull terriers? Let’s first check the quick facts about these lovely dogs.

Bull terrier breeds are extremely powerful companion dogs. They are distinctive in looks and have a tenacious spirit. "Bullys" might seem a little intimidating at first with their muscular appearance and narrow eyes, but they’re actually very sweet, gentle dogs – which make great for active family pets. They also love to play and occasionally get into ‘trouble’ which is often a watch on their beds and toys – which must stand up to the test

Most breeds of Bully are generally are about 35cm-55cm high and weigh up to about 15 kilograms. This is the range in between the medium dog beds or large dog beds from ambient lounge or even other well know dog bed brands.

The main breed types of Bull terriers are 1. Bull terrier 2. Staffordshire Bull Terrier 3. Miniature Bull terrier 4. American Pit bull Terrier amongst others.

As paw-rents of Bully’s, you want nothing but the best for them. You want your dogs to have the healthiest and scrumptious food, the most interesting and durable toys, and of course, the most comfortable bed to rest and sleep in. After all they sleep a LOT!

So just how much do Bull Terriers sleep? ... and what kind of bed do they need?

Older Bullys and Bull terrier puppies will sleep more often than younger mature dogs. It is common for them to spend 50% of the day sleeping and another 25% resting. This equals 75% of the day for a Bull Terrier is either spent sleeping or resting in total. So a great bed is critical to a bull terrier’s wellbeing.

Bull Terrier owners can choose from dozens of dog beds in Europe but most beds won’t meet your dog’s standards – especially with durability. There are plenty of things to consider when choosing a Bull terrier’s dog bed – not just the big ones of absolute comfort and your dog’s love. Because they are extremely active, intense and just loves to play around (aka: a big chance to bite or play roughly with their bed) you should worry about how long the bed will last given a Bull Terrier’s energy. Owner’s should also consider how easy it is to clean and care for the Bull Terrier’s bed after a good game of fetch in the yard. It may also depend if your dog’s an inside the house our outside sleeper

Fortunately, Ambient Lounge (the world’s most Insta hashtagged bed #ambientlounge) has got you covered with the best dog bed that happens to be a perfect match for Bull Terriers – no matter how you look at it.


Getting to Know Bull Terriers

Bull terrier dogs are medium-sized dogs with a short and smooth coat that minimally shed. This particular dog breed was originally intentionally bred to fight. Having a direct relation to both bulls and terriers, breeders back then thought that this would make the perfect fighting dog. It may come as a surprise but the bull terriers did not use to look the way that they do now. In the 1860s, James Hinks from England decided to breed bull terriers with other dog breeds such as the white terrier, border collies and dalmatians. This resulted in the bull terriers being white and was called “white cavaliers”. Later on, bull terriers had colours other than white after having bred with Stafford bull terriers.

Even with their background and history, bull terriers are goofy, gentle and sweet. They are the type of dog who requires a lot of playtimes and has a lot of energy. This is one of the most exciting traits of a bull terrier. Running both indoors and outdoors, rolling around in the mud and dragging your stuff around the house is no surprise.

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Caring Tips for Bull Terriers:

Bull terriers tend towards obesity and sometimes OCD. As puppies, you must provide them with food that is right for their age. After a year, transition them to adult dog food that is fit for high-energy dogs. When they become older, manage their diet and make sure that they still get plenty of exercises to avoid the risk of excessive weight gain. Exercise and playtime are also necessary to make sure that all those pent up energies would not be used to get into trouble and chew on a lot of your things.

Like any other dog, bull terriers require a lot of love, attention, but at the same time, a favorite place of their own to rest and sleep. Having things like pillows and blankets are great to keep them warm, less anxious and secure; but nothing beats a soft, tactile and clean bed that is designed for your dog. Ambient Lounge made beautiful, chew resistant, washable, indoor/outdoor soft luxury Bull terrier beds beds are a match made in heaven - to make sure that your bull terriers gets the spoiled treatment that they deserve.

A big favorite of the Bull Terrier global community is the Cappuccino dog bed that looks strikingly beautiful against their short coat.

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Dog Beds for Your Bull Terrier

We know that you love your dogs want the best for them! Ambient Lounge Luxury Dog Beds give your dog a comfortable safe space that exudes elegance and opulence. For a Bull Terrier, you can opt to get a medium-sized bed but to give your pooch a bigger space, it’s recommended to opt for a large dog bed. Ambient lounge luxury dog beds come with a detachable faux fur cover that you can easily throw in the washer and clean. Made with faux fur, this gives your Bully a little extra comfort and plush. Have you ever wondered why your dog loves to grab blankets and sometimes even your clothes? There is a science behind this. Not only do these things usually have your scent, like you, they would also rather sleep in a warm and comfortable bed rather than the floor.

Here is another reason why Ambient Lounge Luxury Dog Beds are the Perfect Match for Bull Terriers. Our dog beds are extra soft but tough enough to last for years. There is no problem if your Bull Terrier decides to play bite it because it is highly chew-resistant. It would also not be an issue if your pup suddenly gets unwanted dirt on it because it is water-resistant and very easy to hose off. Unlike other beds, this provides a cool and light feel as it is made with breathable technology that does not trap heat. This makes it comfortable even on hot summer days.

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Final Thoughts on Bull Terrier Beds:

Whether you have had a Bull Terrier for quite some time or if you are planning to adopt one, you cannot find a better dog bed that is best for this breed than an ambient lounge.

Other than the fact that beautiful ambient lounge dog beds add a designer element to your home, this Bully friendly dog bed will make your favourite four-legged friend feel even more at home, more comfortable and more loved.



Ambient Lounge® is a 20 year old Aussie brand of soft furniture with a global distribution network. Our luxury dog beds are comfy, cozy, and lightweight. If you’re treating your fur babies to their own personal cloud 9 and would like to discuss your concept with the Ambient Lounge® team - please contact us at Our crew will be in touch.

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